Universal sport band

XTENS (1)Looking for alternatives to carry smartphone during running workouts we tested XTENS ultra light and thin belt from Wantalis.

This new adjustable belt with a wide rubber band is really comfortable. Stretch pocket that holds and stabilizes contents avoids rebounds. Very practical to carry a smart phone, keys, energy bars or credit cards. Both the pocket and the zipper are water-resistant which help also during sunny days – your smartphone does not get sweaty. Very light (74g) and with reflective stripes. The only remark we might have is the length of the belt which could be a challenge for some runners :)

Available at http://shop.wantalis.fr/running/xtens-ceinture-de-running-ultra-slim-ultra-legere-128.html. Current price: 11,90 EUR

2 models (one and two pockets) in 4 stripe/zipper colors (black, pink, orange and green) are offered.