Step by step into a healthier life

One of health checks you can make on your own is mesana. It records 16 values, e. g. it measures how well you find recovery in your sleep, it finds out how healthy your heart is and it makes stressful situations visible. Your dietary habits are also under control, as is your everyday activity or your fitness level.

Mesana is a 20 gram  light sensor attached to a skin-friendly tape. This self-adhesive “patch” is placed under the breast. In order to gain all the important information about your health, the tape equipped with the special sensor is worn for two days. In addition to this long-term measurement, you will also be asked about your personal health history or general health conditions.The confidential health report will give you an overview of your physical and mental fitness level. But, most importantly, in case there is a need for action, mesana team would give you specific recommendations to improve your health at these points.

Your data will, of course, be kept absolutely confidential! Only you, or on your request a health care professional or doctor will get access to the results of the measurements.

We are very enthusiastic about this technology and will keep you informed once testing results are available for Sportovia team.

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