Sportovia Team Getting Ready for AR World Championships

These views are waiting for Sportovia Trailteam

SPORTOVIA Team: Justyna Frączek, Maciek Dubaj, Maciek Mierzwa and Łukasz Warmuz will soon go for their long-awaited active holidays. Their win in January’s AR European Championships became their ticket to Costa Rica for the top level race.

The organizers announce that this year the champs will be the most expeditionary race in the history. The teams will be able to use only the equipment prepared before the start and any sort of assistane is going to be prohibited. Sportovia Team agree, though, that it’s actually better for them as it will equal the chances.

The teams will face such stages as mountain biking, trekking, rafting or paddling (on both the  rivers and the sea). In short – each muscle may be useful. The long paddling secctions (over 200 km) mobilized Sportovia Team for harder workouts on the river. Moreover, they equipped theirselves in kayak sails, kayak pump and carts to transport them. They are learning how to use the sails but they read a lot and learn fast, so everything should be fine ;)

The race starts on December 2 but the teams will get to Costa Rica a coupple days before.