Sportovia Diet – How to Use It?

Diet Sportovia


As you know, you can use Sportovia to manage both your workouts and diet. This time we’d like to focus on the power of the dietary module and describe how it works.

Once you activate your diet access, you are asked to fill your dietary profile and lifestyle details:

Dietary ProfileIt’s important to fill it carefully as the inserted details are taken into consideration by Sportovia’s algorithms to calculate your caloric needs and to suggest the right meals. The recipies (ingredients) are also matched with the trained discipline to maximize the positive impact of the diet on your training.

Having saved your dietary profile, you are good to start planning your meals. However, we strongly advise you to plan your workouts first so the proper energy effort is considered when planning your meals. Using Android/iOS apps, go to the Calendar section and “+ (meal)” in the top right corner.

First of all, choose the date and how many meals you wish to eat on this day. Normally you see the number which you have set on your dietary profile but you may change it for any specific day.

Likewise, you can also set different time for each dish.

Below, you may see the calories’ progess bar. There, you may observe calories: planned / eaten / to plan / total.

Prograss barThe most important here is total. It tells you how many calories you should intake during the day to cover your energy requirements including all your entered workouts.

There’s a few ways to have your meals planned. You can:

– auto-generate meals for the whole day (“Generate Meals” button)

generate meals– auto-generate single meal

generate meal– single meal search

search meal

You can also enter unscheduled meals.

For example, you can start with “Generate meals” button. It will show you the suggestions – 1 recipe for each chosen dish.

sportovia-tutorial-plan-mealsNow, you can easily:

– check the details of each dish: recipe, ingredients (both: descriptive and exact amounts) and nutrients; you can also change the size of the portion.
– change or remove any meal from the plan
– add more servings to any dish (by searching or having it generated automatically)
– auto generate meals again to replace those already planned with new ones

Once you finish your menu, SAVE it in the top right corner. The meals will appear in your calendar on the previously chosen date.

From the day view of Sportovia calendar, you can:

– enter each dish to check its details (recipe, ingredients, etc.)
– edit menu for a given day – tap the pencil icon next to any dish
generate shopping list – tap the shopping cart icon and the options will appear (for a specific dish, for a whole day, etc.)
– mark meals as eaten – tap OK icon next to a meal and the calories on the calories’ progress bar will update automatically.

Bon appetit! :)