Smart wearable devices


Fitness trackers have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Some are very popular so as their typical functionalities. You might be surprised how far the development has gone, though. We selected some wearable devices which we found especially interesting and innovative.

The TUNE Wearable is a smart device that clips onto your shoes and pairs with sensor-equipped insoles to help you keep up with your footstrike, ground-contact time, heel-contact time, cadence, and other important data. The device connects to your smartphone to monitor your performance. It monitors both feet and provides you with information on each step to help you optimize your running technique. This Bluetooth device has 8 hours of battery life.

A revolutionary headset that monitors your biometrics and sport performance using the most advanced patented biometric sensor technology. Exercise more efficiently with live voice feedback and coaching, while also listening to music and without the hassle of carrying multiple devices. Kuai combines a heart rate monitor, footpod, sport watch, music headset and virtual coach into one amazing product that is very comfortable to use and waterproof up to 3 meters. Kuai can work autonomously or connected to other devices, it can receive data from bike sensors and power meters by ANT+ and send data to sport watches and phones by ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart.

The Xensr tracks your motion at 400 times per second with 3mm precision and GPS location 100 times a second to within one metre. This allows the sensor to pick up data on jumps, tricks and spins while you’re surfing, bike riding or performing any other type of high flying stunt. This can give you accurate data on how to improve your movements, or simply show how versatile you are. It packs a dedicated ARM CPU, up to four hours of data storage space and can send data to your smartphone using Bluetooth 4.0.

Smart earring combining fashion and electronics, monitoring your activity level without compromising your looks. It connects to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology and allows you to monitor a wide range of fitness data such as heart rate, calories, and activity level.

MOOV – Moov Now
The Moov Now is the second-generation successor to the Moov. It’s a fitness-focused wearable you put on only when you’re working out. Using 3D motion sensor technology, it tracks and analyses activity via a built-in coach to ensure you work up a proper sweat. Unlike trackers from Fitbit and Jawbone, the Moov Now can measure a far wider range of motion. This helps it to generate the type of data that can help correct running form, for example, or improve the intensity of your punches in cardio-boxing sessions.

This smalldevice helps people eat healthier and lose weight. It is placed inside the ear and monitors eating patterns by analyzing chewing sounds via microphones available in off-the-shelf headset devices. BitBite knows when, where, what and how the user is eating. Analysis of this data allows to send real-time dietary advice on how to eat healthier.

Purpose of the Ōura ring is to monitor sleep balance, activity, relaxation, and recovery using a stand-alone computer that performs functions previously requiring separate devices. It seamlessly measures your body’s reactions and indicates how well you have recovered from the mental and physical load of normal daily life. The ring takes a sleep and activity monitor and hides it inside a piece of finger jewelry that makes the technology unobtrusive and unself-conscious.

The oOne is the first wearable device that is able to monitor core body temperature continuously during activity, enabling new applications not only in sports but in nearly every aspect of life. According to the manufacturer this would help to: monitor and visualize level of dehydration during activity, improve accuracy in calculation of calories burned, detect and prevent, heat induced illnesses and bring performance measures and exercise control to the next level. Also standard strapless heart rate function is supported by the oOne.

An arm band that measures strength and is able to detect every repetition you perform and provide actionable feedback during and after each set to let you know whether to keep pushing or to hold back.

STRIIV – Fusion Bio
Premium activity tracker and heart rate monitor. It also integrates smartwatch functionalities: you can screen your calls and text, get meeting reminders, app notifications, vibrating alarms and control your phone’s music. Low budget but really powerful. Delivered with three interchangeable wristbands, in graphite, blue and red.

VALENCELL – PerformTek
PerformTek is able to work with any wearable device and help measure certain biometric functions. It allows to game, have performance coaching and track training from a compatible app. The opt mechanical sensors are enhance the reading of vitals to be precise and complex. Valencell’s biometric sensor technology has been clinically validated in earbuds, armbands and wristbands providing clinical-grade accuracy.

The Evalu insole sensor measures ground reaction forces at the only interface with your running environment – your sole. It communicates directly with the Evalu smartphone app. It helps you monitor your running intensity, protect your body from overload injuries, and push your performance. The sensor-based app analyzes your run, supports you in action with individualized tips, and integrates strength exercises into your training schedule.

Wrist-based tracker that captures workout data; including heart rate; reps and sets; type and speed; distance and calories. It evaluates your for and is preloaded to recognize popular exercises. The most advance technology is its machine learning, which can be trained to understand your body as well as learn new exercises.

BRAGI – Dash
Wireless smart earphones. Hearing aid type device that is geared to produce very clear sound but is also a smart fitness and health tracker. Apart from the app, the Dash works also with Bluetooth in the form of a headset. This allows the user to answer smartphone with the utmost of ease. The devise is engineered with noise reduction technology so that you can hear clearly through the hearing pieces.

Armband measuring strength and through its special algorithms is able to calculate explosive strength, speed strength and muscle strength in real time. It can also determine half/full reps to give the user coaching advice on form.

Swim-specific tracker that provides detailed, real-time audio feedback. The unit is smaller than the palm of your hand and discretely clips to the strap of your goggles and sits flush against the back of your head. Waterproof earbuds allow you to hear real-time feedback such as lap splits and strokes per lap. You can view the number of kicks you did coming off a wall or how your speed slows every time you turn your head to take a breath. This powerful device holds potentially huge value for swimmers looking to improve their efficiency in the water.

Pictures and product information by manufacturers’ websites and available reviews.