Physical activity as a cure for a better sleep


University of Georgia has published an interesting research which reveals something suprising for a better recovery. As you know, the most effective way of the revocery for humans is a good sleep. Just remind yourself the morning after sleepless night. How do you feel then? Surely not so good.

Now, researchers tell you, that if you want to maximize your body’s rest, you should put in your weekly shedule few workout sessions.

There were analized healthy habits of a group of 8 000 people (both sex) between the ages of 20 and 85. It turned out that people who lead a healthy lifestyle have no problem with getting up and do not suffer from insomnia or interrupted sleep.

It means, that physical activity has a huge impact on a brain and, in general, on your nervous system. Exercises can combat anxiety, unrest, depression and age-related weight gain, which are the most frequent reasons of insomnia.

The power of the physical activity comes from its influence on endocrine system. Being active boost a hormone production, especially serotonine produced in your gut and the brain. That is why you come home tired but happy after workout and go sleep quickly, then wake up with a smile on your mouth. It is a proper reaction of your body. If it does not work like that, take care of your health but remember to find a balance in your life through healthy diet, exercises and a good, deep sleep.


An article based on Prevention news.