How to hire a personal trainer via Sportovia



Whether you start your journey with a healthy lifestyle or lead a fitlife for many years, you are with us because of one main reason – improve your health through physical activity. It is always easy to find excuses everyday but you have already decided to take control of your life. Sometimes you need some help to maximize this control.

Sportovia App has a smart solution in this case. It is an individual cooperation with a trainer.

From the main menu, select Coaches. Write a town or name, sports discipline you are interested in, language which your potential trainer should speak, country and select specialization: personal trainer,  doctor, nutritionist or physioterapist. Click Search and browse some personal trainer. Now you can check opinions from other users, his age, biography and terms of cooperation. Then click Hire, choose a period you would like to work with personal trainer and press Send. After that, personal trainer gets an info that you are interested in the cooperation. Now wait for the message from your personal trainer and start working with him or her.

You do not have to look for your personal trainer at the gym or browse many fitness websites to find the best one. Just use Sportovia and enjoy professional supervision over sport and health to hit your goals.