Healthy homemade ice cream from one ingredient


Do you know anybody who does not like an ice cream? It would be hard to find such a person. When we look at the label placed on an ice cream box we see, that it contains a lot of sugar, artificials and preservatives – briefly, nothing worth eating. Do not worry, you have a healthier chose.

Try to make the easiest, healthiest, dairy-free and glutenfree ice cream from one ingredient – banana. All you have to do is to buy a ripped banana. It can have even black pots on its skin. As a banana ripens the starch in the fruit changes. An unripe banana is full of complex carbohydrates, but as the banana becomes overripeand gets black pots the starch transforms into simple sugars and get natural sweetness.

Peel bananas and freeze whole or cut in coins bananas for at least 3 hours. Then blend bananas with powerful blender till it gets consistency of ice cream. That is all.
Bon apetit! :-)

Photo: TheKitchn