Feel more with the Desert Dash Trail Races


Need more adrenaline in your life? Looking for a non-typical challenge? Wanna experience something exciting? Check out, how others do it in Las Vegas!

On southern Nevada there is a paradise for runners. Desert Dash Trail Races offers extremely tempting races at day and night with distances ranging from 5Ks to marathons and ultramarathons. At night they require all participants to run with a headlamp for their own and other runners safety. What is more, they use chip timing with a backup antenna and manual-entry backup to make sure nobody is missed.

It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? First run is at November 21, Saturday.

We are so proud to announce, that Sportovia will support participants of this event. After races, we will give best runners an access to our diet. There is also planned a random, which gives the winners an opportunity to cooperate with personal trainers from Sportovia.

Visit the website: http://desertdash.com/ and read more.

We wish a good luck and keep fingers crossed for all! :-)

Photo: Facebook fanpage: Desert Dash