6 ways to increase motivation


Doing small things everyday you reach a success at the end. Sometimes, it is a long, difficult way. Sometimes, you lose your power to overcome obstacles. Then, you should think about the motivation and how to use it to increase your willingness.

1. Meditate every day

Training your brain you boost an urge to be better. You find your power and remind yourself when and why you have started to improve your thoughts to the present moment, so that you find a sense of your life and healthy habits. Meditation also helps you clear your mind from bad thoughts, which move you away from the goal.

2. Eat high-density food

Choose real food. Eat local products, which you can meet near your location. Include some raw vegetables – it is beneficial for getting extra enzymes and heat-sensitive vitamins. Treat food as your medicine. Spend free time with your friend on cooking together and exploring new tastes. High-density food will improve you brain abilities and give you power to work and to tackle daily problems.

3. Get enough sleep

Experts suggest that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. To sleep longer and better consider these advices: set a regular bedtime, destress yourself, exercise during the day and do not use computer before sleep. When you are relaxed after good sleep you make a good decision.

4. Exercise everyday

Exercise boost willpower because people who lead healthy active lifestyle increased their ability to resist temptations and preserve on tasks. They also have more motivation to work on their weeknesses.

5. Focus on the task

Firstly, make a list of your task to do. Then make a decision, which of them are the most urgent. After that choose one and start working. Reaserchers tell that, it is better to focus on one problem at a time. Multi-tasking does not help in boosting motivation, because it is harder to see the final of the task.

6. Make your mind stronger

Reading story books helps your mind to become sharp. Reading books boosts the imaginative power of your mind. Also try not to use calculator. Exercise your brain to make it more efficient and young.

Step by step, day after day improve your character. Do not point yourself a big revolution. Do not focus on big changes at one time. Just make a small step by changing one position. It is better to change things slower, because you can see the whole process and learn how to use it next time. To reach better motivation you have to work everyday and be disciplined.