10 best natural sources of carbs during long run

Caucasian woman leaping outdoors

Healthy eating is a key to stay fit and strong for life. We have a wide range of foods to eat raw or make it boiled or fried. Another matter is when we decide to take a part in some long race and need to boost energy with natural products, not gels, which are sources of unhealthy sugar or fructose corn syrup. When fats (for example nuts) are easy to keep them fresh, with carbs is not the same.

But how to pack natural food to keep them fresh and easily accessible?

Small zip-block bags are the best in this case. You can carry foods in a simply way during your run. When we have bags, we can choose the best carbohydrates to pack them and eat. We suggest to take:

  1. Raisins
  2. Dried dates alone or with coconut oil
  3. Dried figs  alone or with coconut oil
  4. Fresh Banana cut in slices or dried banana slices
  5. Sweet potatoes cut in slices
  6. Homemade dried cherries
  7. Frozen grapes
  8. Honey bars with seeds
  9. Homemade outmeal cookies
  10. Boiled beetroots cut in slices

photo: cdn.runningmagazine.ca