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PKO Runs Festival 2016 starting very soon

Running Festival (3)

During the coming weekend Krynica will definitely become the running center of Poland. Thousands of runners are expected on more than 30 courses from 300 meters up to 100 kilometers in length. Also not less than 25 running workshops and lectures, as well as various brands presentations, kid zones, galas and other attractions are awaiting participants, their families, sports enthusiasts and professionals. Continue reading

Cosinuss One – new dimension of wearables

CosinussThe Cosinuss oOne is the first wearable device that is able to monitor core body temperature continuously during activity, enabling new applications not only in sports but in nearly every aspect of life. According to the manufacturer this would help to: monitor and visualize level of dehydration during activity, improve accuracy in calculation of calories burned, detect and prevent, heat induced illnesses and bring performance measures and exercise control to the next level. Also standard strapless heart rate function is supported by the oOne.

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Racing through fiords of Patagonia

Ultra Fiord 2016 (4)Ultra Fiord run took place in the very remote region of Chilean Magellanas, directly at the door of the Torres del Paine National Park. From the five courses offered (100 miles, 100k, 70k, 50k and 30k) I decided to go for the 50k – long enough in this harsh and difficult terrain, I thought.

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Smart wearable devices


Fitness trackers have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Some are very popular so as their typical functionalities. You might be surprised how far the development has gone, though. We selected some wearable devices which we found especially interesting and innovative.

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Mio FUSE wristband heart rate monitor and activity tracker


The Mio Fuse is a fitness tracker and training device from Mio Global — a company known for wrist-worn heart-rate monitors — that is very much intended for people who work out. The device includes an optical sensor to measure your heart rate during workouts and will notify you when your heart rate has reached certain “zones.” It also measures your workout’s duration, distance, pace and speed, and even when you are not working up a sweat, it tracks total daily steps and calories burned.

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